Driving Development of Ocean-Based Carbon Removal Technologies with Innovations in MRV, Oceanographic Modelling & New Policy Frameworks to Reduce Global CO2 Emissions

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Welcome to the Advancing Ocean CDR Summit

As the climate crisis worsens, it has become clear that reducing carbon emissions is not sufficient. There is a drastic need for carbon removal and storage solutions to offset current emission levels.  

The Advancing Ocean CDR Summit is the definitive summit aimed at uniting project developers, policymakers and business leaders to discuss the huge opportunities presented by ocean-based carbon solutions.  

Explore the breadth of innovation occurring within the ocean CDR spectrum, uncover the benefits of novel ocean CDR approaches and gain valuable insights from case studies showcasing the latest technology being utilized by our expert speakers.  

Leave this meeting with the tools and connections required to scale up your business and take the next steps in averting the climate crisis. Engage in discussions around policy and best practices for ocean CDR, positioning your organization as a leader in driving the zero-carbon revolution. 

Wil Burns

Wil Burns
Institute for Responsible Carbon Removal

''The Advancing Ocean CDR Summit will bring together some of the leading thinkers from sectors that will be critical to scaling up ocean-based CDR, and ensuring that it’s done in a responsible manner''

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